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Dear families,

On behalf of the teachers and staff of Buena Vista Horace Mann, we welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year! We have started the year very strong, having spent much of the summer developing plans for rigorous teaching at every grade, the creation of warm and inviting classroom climates, and creating consistent expectations for student engagement and expectations for student behavior.

We know that as staff, the trusting relationships we have built with one another will help to sustain us during difficult times and allow us to openly learn from one another, solve problems and listen to multiple perspectives while making decisions. Above all, we prioritize student achievement and emphasize our own learning as educators as we make collaborative decisions about the direction of our school.

We have developed a plan for how we will meet our school-wide goals for this year, which stem from the Mission statement we co-created and commit to uphold. Maintaining a focus on our Mission ensures that we align our decisions with our principals. Our goals help us determine how to carry the Mission out. Our goals for this year hinge on creating a welcoming and supportive environment that enables students to learn. As you, our families, are the most important partners in the education of our students, we want to focus our work this year on creating strong bonds with you in order to ensure the academic success for each and every child at Buena Vista Horace Mann.

Key to realizing our vision for a parent partnership that is rooted in the academic achievement of our students are the members of our Family Engagement team. We will work more closely than ever with Jamestown, as we incorporate our on-site Beacon. This work will be coordinated by Alberto Martinez. In addition, we welcome our Parent Organizers, Irma Núñez and Alejandra Palomo. Completing the team is our wonderful Family Liaison, Ricardo Calderón. Our parent engagement staff looks forward to working closely with PTA co-presidents: Angeles Hernández, Naomi Jelks and Erika McDonald.

We look forward to the wonderful learning opportunities our strong partnerships with you will yield, and we recognize that they will come in many forms—so if you have an idea for a way that you want to collaborate, please share it! Many of our best projects have come to us from creative parents who have come up with innovative ways to share their talents to enrich their community. We also invite your volunteerism in the classroom, on the recess yard, raising money for the PTA and participating on school governance bodies like ELAC and School Site Council. And please remember that the most important way for us to partner is directly in support of your child’s education. So take time to get to know their teacher. Tell them about your child and try to maintain open and consistent communication. I promise that our teachers will absolutely do the same.

We appreciate the generosity of our families and are proud that you help provide our students with high-quality visual and performance art programming, in addition to numerous other resources that enhance our students’ educational experiences.

Thank you in advance for helping us create a safe, healthy, and happy school this year. Also a big shout out to all the parents that came to get the school ready to open the week before school began. We couldn’t have done it without you. We look forward to seeing you all again and getting to know the new kinder parents! We are going to have a fantastic year.

Students taking a photography seminar

Taking the photography seminar encourages students to unleash their creativity while learning photography and art composition skills. Students learn to use all the functions of a digital camera and have the opportunity to experiment with different compact and SLR cameras. … Continue reading

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New BVHM Mural

Our extremely talented art teacher, Erin Mapes is bringing another mural to BVHM! 8th grade art students have been working with local artist, Grant Gilliland to design a mural for the 23rd Street wall outside the music room. The theme … Continue reading

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Computer Science at BVHM

Students in 6th grade are taking a new course in computer science for the first time this year! They are learning how computers work and how we can use them to create, explore, and solve problems in the world around … Continue reading

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Professional Development

Last week, BVHM welcomed the visit of long-time friend and colleague, Alexandra Roman of Teachers College.  Alexandra, along with our instructional coaches and administrators met with 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers while she demonstrated a number of strategies in … Continue reading

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The day after the election

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The day before Election Day

The day before Election Day, Interim Superintendent, Myong Leigh visited BVHM during middle school community circle. Supt. Leigh spoke to the students about the current climate of fear and insecurity that has been heightened by our presidential race. He noted … Continue reading

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