Fill The Jar Campaign

When we work together, little by little we can Fill the Jar

Music, dance, garden, Peer Resources, community events…we wouldn’t have any of this for our kids if it weren’t for the generosity of BVHM families and friends. The Fill the Jar Campaign is BVHM’s annual pledge drive. Our 2023 goal is to raise $100,00 and 4,000 volunteer hours to help support BVHM’s great programs. We rely on every family to contribute to help us meet our goals! Here is just a partial list of programs funded by Fill the Jar:

  • Teacher and classroom supplies
  • Arts programming like dance, music, and visual arts
  • Field trips that provide real-world and hands-on experience
  • Sports coaching for the middle school
  • Gardening programs and instruction

Please consider setting up an automatic monthly donation or making a one-time contribution in support of our school. Ways to donate:

  • Pledge on Parentsquare.
  • Monthly or one-time donations via Paypal.
  • Write a check to BVHM PTA and turn in at the front office.

Another great way to Fill the Jar is with volunteer hours. We are asking families to volunteer 17 hours over the school year. Please see our interest sheet for all the ways you can volunteer to help.

Look how powerful your dollars are with regular payments:

  • $10 donation per month → $120 for the year
  • $20 donation per month → $240 for the year
  • $50 donation per month → $600 for the year

There are many ways to give. Pledge now to Fill the Jar!