Students taking a photography seminar

Taking the photography seminar encourages students to unleash their creativity while learning photography and art composition skills. Students learn to use all the functions of a digital camera and have the opportunity to experiment with different compact and SLR cameras. Students learn the language of photography using and naming the different techniques to frame an image. They become familiar with using tech platforms to download, edit, and fix their images. They are introduced to the work of famous photographers throughout history giving them a sense of context to the art of creating a photographic image.


New BVHM Mural

Our extremely talented art teacher, Erin Mapes is bringing another mural to BVHM! 8th grade art students have been working with local artist, Grant Gilliland to design a mural for the 23rd Street wall outside the music room. The theme of the mural is “music” and it symbolizes the way that music has touched our school and community here in the Mission. The design will include the SF skyline, musical notes, the world, a tree, and instrument silhouettes. We will start the mural in the spring of 2017 and it will be done by the end of school year.

Computer Science at BVHM

Students in 6th grade are taking a new course in computer science for the first time this year!
computer_science_at_bvhmThey are learning how computers work and how we can use them to create, explore, and solve problems in the world around us. Students will be using Scratch for the programming portion of the course, and will investigate other Internet resources related to computer science and even get to program robots later on this year! We plan to expand this course to 7th grade and possibly some elementary grades next year.


Professional Development

Last week, BVHM welcomed the visit of long-time friend and colleague, Alexandra Roman of Teachers College.  Alexandra, visiting_teachersalong with our instructional coaches and administrators met with 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers while she demonstrated a number of strategies in the classrooms to support the professional development of staff relative to the Common Core State Standards for English language arts. Your children experience the immediate results of this professional development during the Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop portions of their school day. Whether working with a partner or in small groups, our goal is to provide structure so that students deepen their comprehension of the texts they read and can clearly articulate their thinking and cite texts as evidence. Ms. Roman will visit us two more times this year and in early December our middle school teachers will meet with a different Staff Developer from Teachers College.


The day before Election Day

The day before Election Day, Interim Superintendent, Myong Leigh visited BVHM during middle school community circle. Supt. Leigh spoke to the students about the current climate of fear and insecurity that has been heightened by our presidential race. He noted that it was time that we accept all people for their differences and demonstrate empathy so that we can become a stronger and more united community. Supt. Leigh praised the mindset of the students, families and staff of BVHM while quoting Gandhi, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Yes, Supt. Leigh, we are ready to accept your challenge and remain true to our mission of empowering our students to transform our community for the betterment of all.


img951321 Myong-Leigh-visited-2