SCRIP Cards – Rainbow and Peet’s

rainbowscripBuying corporate SCRIP cards is a great way to easily and seamlessly support our school while you shop. Simply buy the cards from BVHM in advance of your shopping. Use them to pay as you would a gift card or credit card. Rainbow Grocery and Peet’s Coffee give our PTA 10% of every purchase. Buy $100 in grocery store SCRIP and the school gets $10 – you still have $100 when you shop! Buy a $25 coffee card and the school gets $2.50 – but you still have $25 to spend on coffee. Both Rainbow cards and Peet’s cards are refillable at the register, meaning once you’ve spent the value on the card any cashier can help you add on more value (with BVHM still getting 10% of those future purchases).

Ready to get started? We are selling $100 Rainbow Grocery cards and $25 Peet’s cards.


Rainbow Grocery – Organic Grocery
A worker-owned cooperative serving San Francisco and the Bay Area since 1975. Open to the public.

cards are just like the gift cards you might buy at a store. They would make great gifts for the holidays or just to use for yourself. These cards you cannot refill. We bought them at a discount they offer us to make money for the school.

The Good Life Grocery
is located in Potrero Hill and Bernal Heights. They offer paper scrip money that you use like cash and it comes in $20 increments.
Scrip is an easy way to make money for the school by just shopping where you already shop. Do your neighbors or friends shop at Rainbow? They might buy a card too!
If you are interested, please email me at or call or text me at 415-596-3552.